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Sign me up to receive information and offers from Harvey Norman. Secure online shopping. Select Location. Please confirm your selection confirm. Stores with stock Nearest me. Open Map. Show more stores. Update your location. Store Hours and more information. Store Picker. Current Location. Select Store Cancel. Nov 4, PM. As owner of nearly hard drives, and used enough s of them, everyone should remember 2 points for the future. Good news is, cracking open an external HD and removing the HD and connecting it via a HD dock and 9 times out of 10, everything is "good to go".

I recommend anyone who can, to own a HD dock. Some HD are flakey and have "haunted" recognition issues when plugging them in. Many 2. Seen this a times. Lacie doesnt make Hard drives, they contain seagate inside. Toshiba doesnt make 2. Jul 26, PM. Page content loaded.

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Sep 6, PM. Sep 7, AM. Sep 8, PM. Question: Q: Not recognizing external hard drive More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Weeblerock Weeblerock. Question: Q: Question: Q: Not recognizing external hard drive I have a 1 terabyte seagate external hard drive that I used to back up my PCs and tried to connect it to my Macbook Pro to transfer the files over from my old computers, but the Mac won't recognize the external hard drive at all.

Any suggestions? More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. My time machine still works as a router. I think this is a software issue that cropped up with one of the last updates. Any suggestions?? View answer in context. Time Machine suddenly stopped working, only to give me the "delayed" error. And my machine no longer recognized the external hard drive. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Feb 2, PM in response to kreesetaylor In response to kreesetaylor I am having this same problem. Then when I restarted the machine just gave me a grey screen and wouldn't boot until I disconnected the drives.

Now the drives won't show up in the finder. I can see them attached using system profiler but I can't access them. This is really frustrating. Anyone have any solutions?

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Have had close to a dozen backups successfully performed on each machine. Yesterday, my Seagate went to back up the MacBook, and time machine displayed a message that it could not read the previous backup and needed either to erase it or create a new one something like that anyway. It backed everything up from scratch -- took about mins. After that backup was completed, I took the drive to the imac and attempted to do a backup and the imac was unable to see the drive.

I launched Disk Utility on the imac and it was able to see the drive, so I tried to verify the disk.

Intenso Memory Station 500GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive | For PC/ Mac | Black

Midway through, DU said "this disk needs to be repaired. After about 10 mins, DU said this disk cannot be repaired. I brought the disk back to the MacBook and same result-- MacBook could not see the disk even though it had just back up the entire thing 30 minutes previously. Figuring the drive was busted, I went out and bought a 1 TB seagate drive. Upon connecting it to the MacBook, it launched an internal app which installed Memeo apparently Seagates version of Time Machine.

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  • Once done, I launched Time Machine and it reformatted the entire drive. I walked over to the imac and presto-- exactly the same thing happened as before-- it could not recognize the drive. Again I launched DU and it said the disk needed repair, and again the repair process stopped after a few minutes saying it could not repair the disk.

    The macbook will not recognize the drive. It can see it within the Disk Utility program and from within system profiler, but it appears not to see it on the desktop. Now that I have two apparently non functioning backup drives, I would greatly appreciate any insights you guys could offer. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Mar 15, AM in response to Weeblerock In response to Weeblerock Someone please help - I have the latest macbook pro retina display running on I'd reformat the drive if I could only get my Mac to recognize that the darn thing exists, heh.

    Any suggestions appreciated Based on how the drive was formatted on the PC there's a good chance you'll need to completely wipe and partition the drive in order to use the external HD. I suspect that the drive has been formatted using the NTSF system, but I haven't actually double checked that. What is going on?

    How do I get it back? Please help. I have a lovely LaCie, and I simply cannot get Timescape to recognize it. If someone calls Apple Care, can they please post the solution? I'm running osx USB ports and cables are working fine with everything else I use them with. Drives are not BUS powered. I'm even plugging the HDD in a power regulator to make sure it's getting clean, smooth power One drive was working fine. The Time machine side disappeared, tried to repair disk and now both sides are not mounting.

    I was able to see them before I formatted them for use.

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    After formatting them, I no longer see them. Not on the desktop, Disk Utilities or disk warrior. It's not the HDD's. I even returned them and got a new set just to make sure. Nobody has a clue on what is going on. I have been using an external hard drive for a few months now and all of a sudden my Macbook has stopped recognizing the drive when I plug it in as I always correctly had done.