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Top 10 Free DVD Players for Mac (macOS Catalina & Earlier)

The reasons region codes were included on DVDs was to keep releases confined to the countries they were bought from and to protect theatrical release variations around the world. Today major films are released worldwide with a day or two of each other to prevent piracy so the region codes are often redundant.

Starting with the PC the user needs to download a free utility called Remote Selector. Users can navigate the discs menu and contents as they would a regular DVD without having to alter the region code or upgrading the firmware of the DVD drive. Mac users can achieve the same result by downloading the VLC media player — an open source multimedia platform.

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Use VLC to Bypass DVD Region Code Restrictions

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However, my laptop DVD player only allows me to switch "regions" a fixed number of times. Is there any way around this? A: Most commercial DVDs use encryption that keeps them locked to one or more "region codes," meaning the discs you pick up in other continents usually won't play on an American DVD player.

If you believe the movie studios, this encryption is a necessary tool in the ongoing war against piracy. Basically, it helps them release the same movie in different parts of the world—at different times and for different prices.

Play any region-coded DVD - Mac OS X Hints

However, because pirates rarely resell legitimate copies of movies they are pirates, after all , this system's primary effect is to prevent movie collectors and frequent travelers from enjoying legally purchased films once they get home. There are some multiregion DVD players out there.

They are perfectly legal, but they tend to be pricey and rare. And if you are the jet-setting type who is likely to pick up foreign flicks in the first place, you probably want to watch them on the go using your laptop. That's why the most frustrating part of region codes is the way they affect laptop DVD players.

The Best Region Free DVD Player to Play Any Region DVD

Although laptop DVD drives are technologically capable of playing any DVD, they typically force you to switch among region settings to play imported discs. Try switching this setting more than a fixed number of times typically five over the entire life span of the computer , and the setting will be locked forever. For example, if you switch from Region 1 the United States and Canada to Region 3 parts of Asia to watch a kung-fu flick you picked up on a trip to Hong Kong, you'll have to switch back to Region 1 before playing any movies you purchased at your local Best Buy.

Watching that one Jet Li movie just burned up two of your five switches—and not even reinstalling your operating system will get you more. Fortunately, some clever programmers have created software solutions that circumvent disc regions entirely, turning your notebook into a portable multiregion DVD player. Windows users have the most options, the best of which is probably Remote Selector—a free software utility that interacts with your DVD-playing program, allowing it to play DVDs from any region.