How to edit a mp3 on mac

How to Edit MP3 in GarageBand on Mac

Audacity is also a sound editing program - it's free, but it's a lot more complicated and to save as MP3 you need a plug-in for licensing reasons. Apr 19, AM. Page content loaded. Thanks, Leonie, but Garage band will not open my mp3 file when I drag it there, nor will it open it when I try from media browser? Garage Band is way way to complex for what I want to do. Is there something out there that will allow me just to edit out segments and rearrange segments.

Seems like this should not be so difficult in this day and time. Then drag your mp3 file into the track area of the project window.

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Then drag your MP3 file into the Track area, onto an existing audio track or onto a the empty space. Thanks for trying. I will look for other solutions. Seems crazy that there is no simple program do this!!!! Question: Q: Simple editing of mp3 files?

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The following will show you how to do with the problem easily and quickly. Tips: when batch import MP3 files, you need the help of the hot key: Ctrl or Shift. Or you can simply select and drag MP3 audio into the file list directly.

How to Edit MP3 in iTunes Library

Select one added the music files, and then click the button Split. And a settings window will pop up immediately when your press Split button. Choose a destination folder to save your splited the audio files' segments, or save the segments to the default documents - AudioSplitter. When it is finished, select a MP3 segment on the file list, right click your mouse and from the context menu choose Show in Finder to retrieve the splited MP3 segment.

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