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The route entered will be followed repeatedly until the pilot receives new orders. The Manager can set limits for the different wares for the player Headquarters too. Hephaistos Corp. After ordering stations the Hephaistos Corp. Missile Defense Mosquito This software protects a ship - or a whole convoy that the ship is part of - against missile attacks and fighter drones by using Mosquito missiles.

MK3 Blacklist Manager MK3-traders automatically maintain a blacklist of sectors they won't pick as destinations for any flights. The Blacklist Manager gives the player the power to modify this blacklist and to add sectors and stations to it. Stations in the blacklist, and stations in blacklisted sectors, will not be picked as targets for trade runs.

Satellite Early Warning Network This allows you to link your advanced satellites into a network to report enemy activity in sectors and initiate, where possible, appropriate countermeasures. Among others additional settings let you also activate the report of ownerless ships. Turbo Boost The Turbo Boost device is capable of temporarily speeding up a ship beyond what's normally possible. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Recent Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar.

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X3: Albion Prelude Bonus Package on Steam

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Create widget. Popular user-defined tags for this product:? Sign in Sign in to add your own tags to this product. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Support Forums Stats. Just get the coordinates by talking to someone that the quest directs you to, if need be. Then jump to the system. If you go quickly, the target will always be next to one of the jump gates within the system, and the quest indicator will tell you right where he is. Then jump in-system to that jump gate, and take him out. You only have to take out the target -- the other guys are irrelevant and will sometimes just disappear when you take out the target.

If you wait too long to go after the target, they'll make their way further into the system from the jump gate, and it will be harder to find them within the time limit. Doing bounty missions without a jump drive is a giant pain. Until you can afford a jump drive, I would stick with station defense missions, which can also be a lot of fun, and are tough to mess up since the bad guys come to you.

If you do the plot, I believe you get several new ships throughout as rewards, culminating in a reasonably good M6. Combat missions pay out really well in TC and AP compared to previous games, so trading and solo stations are relatively less profitable. It's still somewhat nice to have in the long run, as they can generate passive income while you are out fighting.

The ROI can be very long though unless you score with the right station in the right place. The buster is ok for a starter combat ship, but is pretty fragile. In most X-games, I try to cap my way up into a crappy pirate M3, and then ultimately into a decent M3 before I do a ton of combat.

Wingmen and fleets are also more viable in TC and AP than previous games.

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Can anyone recommend a good mod that add empire wars? Something to spice up the universe a bit? AP already has LV's Race Response Fleets integrated, which has the empires making raids and invasions and responding to territory incursions. I can't recall if there is an AL plugin option to make it notify you of invasions, etc.

If you want something that is more player intervention-oriented, there's Improved Races. Thanks, I'll check that out. I thought I remembered AP having more "wars" going on then previous iterations. Now I have a reason to install the game again.


How does a complete rookie learn how to play this game? Bought the trilogy a few steam sales ago but couldn't get into the game. KSP has gotten me into a space mood and i would like to give the X series a try again. Other than that, I'm afraid I can't be of much help. You can't really screw anything up IMO, if you're dead you reload, and if you're not, well, you can recover whatever you lost For some entertainment and maybe even some thoughts on what to do or how to approach things, you could try the Squiddy McSquid Vol.

Worth a read once you have a rough grasp on the basics of the game. IHW wrote: How does a complete rookie learn how to play this game? His "Let's Play" series has a pretty heavy economic focus but it does a good job of exposing you to a lot of aspects of the game. It's how I learned the very basics and actually started to enjoy the game instead of staring into space being overwhelmed. I hate you guys for getting me to install this again.

There go another couple weeks of my life, at least Trying out the XRM mod this time, looks pretty good. First thing I do is capture a better ship.

X3: Terran War Pack

Usually a pirate. Find one, save, and reload till you cap it. I enjoy the empire building aspect, finding hidden stuff, and capturing as many ships as possable. Security missions or defending NPC stations are probably the easiest way to cap ships. Hope some of this helps. I'm sure all of that will be helpful Also, I'm trying to figure which is worse: the horrific voice acting, or the what has to be intentionally bad autopilot. Autopilot will kill ya. It's pretty much a running joke by now. It's still somewhat useful for getting close to a target while doing other things, but I wouldn't leave it unsupervised I'm guessing you're using it for automated docking; get a Docking Computer instead if you find one on sale.

If you have a joystick lying around, that's really the way to go for actual flying. Mouse controls suck. Not sure how it plays with a gamepad, but it looks like Xbox controller support is only getting added with the next Albion Prelude patch. I'm thinking that hooking up either a joystick or a gamepad to my work computer might raise a few eyebrows I'd read that Albion Prelude's addition of a stock market made it so it was pretty easy to save then gamble then reload if your investment didn't pan out, which was encouraging.

In the X games I've always found money and the relatively arcane reputation system to be the biggest hurdle. After all, in a single player game it's not really "cheating. Target the ship, hit "c" for command it might be "o" for orders, its been a while , select navigation, select dock, and then select where you want it to dock. The command menu is the main method for getting your other ships to do things. You should be able to tell it to dock at a station or ship with a fighter docking bay via ship commands.

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I don't think you need any special software for the basic dock command. Where are you trying to send it? The L isn't a very good M3 no rear turret , so I would sell it. Speaking of the repair laser, please someone tell me there's a mod out there that makes it less wimpy so repairing doesn't take a geological epoch. PapagenoF wrote: aka1nas wrote: You should be able to tell it to dock at a station or ship with a fighter docking bay via ship commands. If you do not like free repair, you can always dock at Shipyard and pay for it. Joe wrote: PapagenoF wrote: aka1nas wrote: You should be able to tell it to dock at a station or ship with a fighter docking bay via ship commands.

Oh, I like free repair, I just don't want it to take forever. Is that so wrong? Once it's docked at a shipyard, you have to go into that shipyards trade menu. If you have the Trading System extension installed on your piloted ship, you can do that remotely, otherwise, you have to dock there yourself. Then just sell it like any other part or cargo, it'll appear right at the top of the listing. Edit: just to mention this, hull condition directly determines selling price, which sort of feeds into this repair laser discussion. The repair laser is pretty much the equivalent to printing money, plus hull repairs are very expensive.

Once you get ships with hangars, there are several scripts that give you alternate repair mechanisms. Player Workshops can also repair for a resource cost when installed on a capital ship. CODEA also has a repair options that uses ore and microchips to fix up damaged fighters. EmeraldArcana wrote:.

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